Laser Hair Removal Pre-Treatment Advice

Laser hair removal is becoming a popular way of removing unwanted hair from the body. This technique involves directing laser beams to the hair follicles under the skin to kill them. It is usually considered a permanent method. However, you need to take some precautions before having the procedure to increase the chances of success and reduce the risks of potential skin damage. For this reason, here are some of the things you should avoid. Avoid Tanning Avoid tanning prior to the treatment. Your skin has to be as pale as possible in order to achieve the perfect results. If Read More →

4 Habits That Damage Hair

Many hair salon clients may not know that they have habits that are harmful to the health of their hair. This article discusses some of those damaging habits. Use this information to advise your salon clients about the dangers of some of the beauty care habits they have. Showering Using Very Hot Water  Many people enjoy taking a hot shower at the end of a tiring day. However, that hot water may be compromising the quality of their hair. This is because the hot water damages the ends of the hair. Advise your clients to avoid such damage to their Read More →

Warm and comfortable smells to help you feel great this winter

As the colder weather rolls around, many of us switch out our lighter perfumes and essential oils for warmer and more sensual smells to help us feel happier in the cool weather. Here are a few ideas of ideal swaps to make in your scent profiles.  Swap cinnamon and sweet scents for vanilla Vanilla is a sweet and sexy smell. It brings to mind cookies and ice cream and gets the mouth watering whether being used in a perfume or as a room smell. Cinnamon is a good substitute as it also brings to mind cookies and tasty treats but Read More →