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Tips to Achieve a Great Hairstyle

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Finding the right hairstyle for you is a difficult process that will take a lot of patience, time and care. Not every haircut is going to be right for you, and not every single decision that you make regarding your hair will suit how you look. However, it is easy to achieve a good looking hairstyle with just a little bit of understanding and care. Follow these tips in order to get your hair just as you want it.

Find the right hairdresser

In most cities there are dozens of options when it comes to hairstylists. You may have to go through a lengthy process of trial and error until you can find somebody who matches with you, but the results will be worth it. Having a hairdresser that can work around the styles that you are comfortable with is the first step to achieving a unique appearance.

Know your hair

It isn't enough just to have a great hairdresser. While they will do their best in order to give you exactly the style you want, you have to keep in mind that your hair won't work well with every modern look. When it comes to hair, there are different textures, shapes and colours which will only work well with certain looks. You may find that you can get an effect with perms or straighteners, but you won't be able to change anything permanently. You can look through style guides or magazines in order to get an idea on what hairstyles are suitable for your hair in order to know what you might achieve.

Know your face shape

The next important aspect involves your face. This is also one of the most important factors that determines how your hairstyle will look. Great hairstyles are all about balancing the face, while adding or removing weight if needed. You could review the hairstyles of your favourite celebrities and find someone with a similar face shape as yours. Next, look at their past hairstyles and see if any of those fits your personality.

  • If you have a square face with a strong jawline, you might be happy with a longer length hair with curls or choppy ends.
  • For oval faces, you will be able to work with a wide array of hairstyles, but generally you should go for short cuts in order to leave you with a longer looking face and perhaps some extra height.
  • Heart shaped faces generally come with a distinguishable pointy chin and extra weight around the brow and eyes. For this type of face, you want to draw attention down while balancing everything out with weaves or bangs.