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How to dress for a formal interview as a woman

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The most important thing to do at a job interview is to make a good impression. You want the employers to approve of you as soon as you walk into the room, as that will make everything you say more positive in their ears as well. To achieve this, you need to think about how you look and what you wear. This is even more important in a formal setting, such as a law firm or in the world of banking. To figure out how you as a woman should present yourself in a formal interview, there are a few things you should think about.


Clothing is a very important thing in formal work settings. You need to show from the beginning that you are capable of presenting yourself in a professional manner. Opt for a suit in a neutral, dark colour. Dark colours look more toned down and professional than light or bright colours. Good colours are black, navy, or brown. You can wear an ordinary suit or a skirt suit. Just make sure you wear a skirt that covers or ends just above the knees. Too-short skirts might look unprofessional. Work wear suppliers rarely offer skirts that are too short for a professional setting, so you shouldn't have any problems finding an appropriate skirt.

Hair and makeup

You also need to think about how your face and hair looks. Make sure you shower in good time before the interview so that your hair is clean and dry. Put it up in a conservative knot if it's longer than shoulder length and make sure it doesn't cover any parts of your face. You should opt for neutral makeup that gives the impression that you're not wearing any makeup. Cover any rings under your eyes and use a light rouge to look more awake. You can use mascara to enlarge your eyes, but avoid other types of eye makeup.


As for accessories, you should cut it back to a minimum. Wear closed toe shoes with a low heel in a dark colour that matches the suit. If you wear earrings, opt for simple studs or pearls; don't wear anything that dangles. Bracelets and necklaces can be acceptable if they're discrete and don't bounce around on you when you move. You should choose to wear a watch for your interview, as this gives off an impression that you're punctual.

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