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Quick Tips for Choosing Hairdressing or Salon Furniture

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The furniture you choose for your salon is very important, as it is not only functional but can contribute to the overall look of the salon as well. You need furniture that works for a wide variety of clients and their services as well as furniture that makes your salon look good and that fits with your theme or décor. Note a few quick tips for choosing salon or hairdressing furniture for your business when you're ready to shop.

1. Consider your overall style

Your salon furniture is like the accessories of an outfit; it should fit the overall style of everything else in your salon and it can also create a look that is noticed by your customers. Don't settle for just the cheapest salon furniture you can find, but instead look for something that is unique to your business; this might be white vinyl with a square back for a modern salon, or it might mean clear plastic. For something fun and eclectic, choose a unique color like teal or pumpkin orange. For a child's salon, opt for primary colors in red or yellow. If you're choosing salon furniture for a place that has a large male clientele, you might choose chairs that look like old-fashioned barber chairs or something in a darker, more neutral green color.

2. Consider durability of fabric

Some salon furniture and chairs are made of fabric that more resembles the furniture you would see in a home, including corduroy or soft cotton. This can make your clients very comfortable, but you must also consider the durability of this fabric, especially if yours is an especially busy salon or you offer services for children. Constant fingerprints on the fabric, shoes rubbing against it because of children being too short to reach the floor and other such wear and tear can soon mean fabric that is worn, torn and dirty. No matter how much you might like the look and feel of a particular fabric, always note its durability, how you clean it and its expected lifespan.

3. Don't forget accessories and smaller pieces 

Footstools can make it easier for shorter clients or those with arthritis and other physical limitations to actually get into the chair and to stay comfortable during services. Rolling stools can allow your staff to get off their feet during certain services, reducing worker fatigue. Manicure stations might encourage your clients to get a quick manicure while getting their hair done, increasing your overall business and profits. Don't forget about these accessories and smaller pieces when choosing salon furniture for your business.