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Choosing the Perfect Hair Dryer for Your Hair Type

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Hair dryers are available in different prices and types. The type of hair you have is usually very important when it comes to choosing hair dryers. Different hair dryers are suitable for different types of hair so you need to be careful to pick the right one that will work best for you. However, since there are multiple types of dryers available, finding the right one can be quite overwhelming. For this reason, here are features you should look for in a hair dryer based on your type of hair.

Several Speed/Heat Settings and Ceramic/Porcelain for Fine/Thin Hair

If you have a fine or thin hair, you may want to choose a hair dryer that comes with multiple settings for both speed and heat. These settings are essential because they will enable you to set the hair dryer to the lowest settings possible to prevent your fine hair from being affected or damaged.

Porcelain or ceramic can be used as coating or replacement of a hair dryer's plastic or heating elements as well as other internal components. This helps to lessen the harshness of the heat and improve on the consistency of the temperature.

Diffuser for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, you will want to look for a hair dryer with a diffuser. A diffuser will help with the even distribution of heat in your hair without interfering with the texture.

Several Heat Settings, High Flow of Air, and Titanium for Coarse/Thick Hair

For thick or coarse hair, the perfect hair dryer would be one with more heat settings and a higher airflow capacity. Multiple settings for heat will help you set the high heat levels for drying and low heat levels for styling.

On the other hand, high airflow will help to reduce the dry time for your coarse hair. Hair dryers that contain titanium components can also be helpful if you have tons of hair. Titanium helps to maintain a steady temperature as well as distribute the heat evenly. This is important as it speeds up the drying process. However, titanium has a tendency to make for very hot dryers, which is why it may not be an ideal choice for damage-prone type of hair.

When buying a hair dryer, remember to always go for one with a higher wattage. Hair dryers with a higher wattage will pack more wind power as well as reduce the time you spend styling your hair without exposing your hair to excessive heat levels. Check out a store that offers hairdressing supplies to select the perfect hair dryer for your hair type.