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Warm and comfortable smells to help you feel great this winter

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As the colder weather rolls around, many of us switch out our lighter perfumes and essential oils for warmer and more sensual smells to help us feel happier in the cool weather. Here are a few ideas of ideal swaps to make in your scent profiles. 

Swap cinnamon and sweet scents for vanilla

Vanilla is a sweet and sexy smell. It brings to mind cookies and ice cream and gets the mouth watering whether being used in a perfume or as a room smell. Cinnamon is a good substitute as it also brings to mind cookies and tasty treats but has a slightly more complex and spicy scent making it well suited to use in winter scents. Chocolate and caramel can also be used to create a 'yummy' scent boxes that work well in winter. 

Swap woody scents for citrus

If you like a light and citrus scents in summer, it can be good to experiment with woody scents including beech and tobacco notes. While many popular winter scents in the Northern Hemisphere feature pine, this can often bring to mind powerful pine scented bathroom cleaners for Australians so they can be worth avoiding for workplaces even if they don't particularly make you think of bathroom cleaning products. No one wants to be known as the guy who smells like toilet cleaner or have a house that smells like bathroom cleaner throughout. 

Swap ambers for floral-based perfumes

If you like a warm and sexy scent, then a great winter base note can be amber. Amber has a sexy and slightly sweet smell that is very appealing during the cold winter months. It is often used as base note in winter scent mixes as it has a warm and lingering scent. 

Swap coffees and tannins (wine notes) for fruit scents

Fruit scents which are tropical and fun often bring to mind summer holidays. For winter, swap in coffees and tannins for an earthy scent that makes you think of warm woody fires, hot drinks and snuggling together. These have a similar emotional feel but are better suited to the season. 

The change of seasons is a good excuse to change up your scents both in your perfume and in your home. Changing the scents to a wintery smell can get you in the mood for spending night snuggled up on the couch and crisp mornings making the most of the cool weather.