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4 Habits That Damage Hair

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Many hair salon clients may not know that they have habits that are harmful to the health of their hair. This article discusses some of those damaging habits. Use this information to advise your salon clients about the dangers of some of the beauty care habits they have.

Showering Using Very Hot Water 

Many people enjoy taking a hot shower at the end of a tiring day. However, that hot water may be compromising the quality of their hair. This is because the hot water damages the ends of the hair. Advise your clients to avoid such damage to their hair by reducing the temperature of the water that they use to wash their hair. Ask them to use warm water to wash their hair. They can then increase the temperature of the water that they use to clean the rest of the body.

Keeping Hairbrushes for Too Long

Some people think that washing their hairbrushes in hot water can enable them to prolong how long they own those brushes indefinitely. While washing brushes in hot water may kill any microorganisms in the brush, it may not address the wear and tear issues on those brushes. Old brushes may have worn out bristles that can damage your clients' hair as they use those brushes. It is therefore advisable for them to discard their old hairbrushes periodically so that the damaged bristles don't damage the clients' hair. They may use the manufacturer's recommendation about how long to keep different hairbrushes in order to know how often to change hairbrushes.

Using Wrong Pillowcases

Cotton pillowcases can suck moisture from your clients' hair. The friction from such pillowcases may also cause the hair to break. This damage can be prevented by advising your clients to use satin or silk pillowcases.

Pulling the Hair Back Frequently

Many people like pulling back their hair to form ponytails or buns. Such a hairstyle puts a lot of strain on the roots of the hair. This can damage the hair follicles to the extent that one's hairline may begin receding since some hair will not re-grow after the follicle has been irreparably damaged by frequent hair pulling. Your salon clients should limit the frequency of pulling back their hair. Once or twice a week may not be as harmful as doing it daily.

As you can see, the habits of your salon clients can have far-reaching effects on the hair of those clients. You should do everything you can to guide those clients so that they adopt better habits that nurture their hair. You can enroll for different beauty courses so that you keep improving your knowledge of how you can help your clients to maintain their beauty.