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Laser Hair Removal Pre-Treatment Advice

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Laser hair removal is becoming a popular way of removing unwanted hair from the body. This technique involves directing laser beams to the hair follicles under the skin to kill them. It is usually considered a permanent method. However, you need to take some precautions before having the procedure to increase the chances of success and reduce the risks of potential skin damage. For this reason, here are some of the things you should avoid.

Avoid Tanning

Avoid tanning prior to the treatment. Your skin has to be as pale as possible in order to achieve the perfect results. If you tan your skin to make it appear darker, it may absorb too much of the laser beam or energy. This can make the treatment more difficult and your skin may even be potentially damaged. Therefore, avoid self-tanning sprays, lotions, or creams.

Avoid Waxing, Plucking, Tweezing etc.

Doing this can remove the root present in your hair follicles. Since the laser hair removal technique targets the hair follicle, including the roots, the procedure will not be a success. While these hair removal techniques are not recommended, you may want to shave prior to the treatment. This is because zapping long hair with the laser equipment may be more painful. Shave a few days to the treatment so that the laser devices penetrate your hair follicles at the perfect stage of growth.

Don't Bleach

Bleaching also reduces the effectiveness of the laser-removal procedure. This is because the melanin pigment of the hair must be present to achieve optimum results. Bleaching removes this pigment.

Avoid Makeup, Lotions, and Any Oils before the Treatment

Wash the area thoroughly and make sure your skin is free from any oils. If your skin is oily during the treatment, the expected results may not be achieved. However, if you'd like to apply some comforting creams or lotions before the treatment, such as topical numbing creams, you should talk to your physician first.

Following the above steps may help increase the chances of success of the laser hair removal procedure. However, remember that if you have a dark skin type or tone, you may have to take even more precautions. Also, find out from your dermatologist or laser hair removal specialist whether you are a suitable candidate or not. This is because darker skin types will absorb much of the laser beam, which can lead to skin damage.